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Takashi's Ya-ka meeting 6480 yen

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※ Both lunchtime and dinner time, reservation required three days in advance, the menu menu of June.

Course menu

◆ Appetizer: Grilled eggplant with Japanese grilled ice cream and boiled sweet red peppers Kawazu shrimp fried chicken corn Tofu crushed cooked dish

◆ Yuri ri: four kinds of fresh fish served Kikuya soy sauce set aside

◆ Ring: Today's Nigiri sushi ginger with sweet and sour pork pickles

◆ Baked goods: Guardian Confucius Changbai Grill

◆ Small pot: 鱧 Shabu-shabu seasonal vegetables Tofu Ponzu Condiment Yuzu pepper

◆ Vinegar Product: Activated octopus vinegar hook needle ship Kaga thick cucumber

◆ Meals: Seasonal rice dishes incense

Stopper bowl: tailoring of soup

◆ dessert

※ We will make a banquet meeting according to your budget.

※ The content may be changed without notice depending on the purchase situation.

2018/05/31 update